SID4kids in Prague

Insight co-organises the 15th anniversary celebration of Safer Internet Day with teens in Prague on 5-6 February, and announces SID4kids.

The SID 2018 slogan is: "Create, connect and share with respect: Better internet starts with each one of you!" fits right in with the plans of many teens worldwide who would like to organise their own Safer Internet Day celebrations in future. In Prague, they will announce their ideas to politicians, children’s rights and safety experts and the press.
However, the significant changes that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bring about, for example, by setting restrictions on under 16 year olds’ access to information society services without parental consent could disrupt their plans. It could well limit the number of young people able to meet and work together online. The GDPR will be the main theme of the Prague SID event, building on last year's campaign theme of privacy and personal data on the Internet.