European Council for Digital Good (ECDG)

ECDGteam2There are 18 of us in the European Council for Digital Good (ECDG), aged 14 to 22. We're from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Slovakia, and first met on Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018 in Prague. We next met in Brussels in July 2018.. On SID (February) 2019 (with votes from 2,000 youth in 35 countries) we created our 2020 Smarter Internet Agenda. In July 2019, (with Insight's help) we created a book for primary schools on digital citizenship, All Aboard for DigiTown!  Our next publication will be for secondary school students, about Young, digital and green. Send your ideas on our latest topic to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Janice Richardson


The empowerment and wellbeing of children on- and offline has been the driving force of my 5-decade career as teacher, researcher, project innovator, author and public speaker. I work with governments and NGOs, international institutions and universities in Europe and worldwide to increase understanding of the societal impact of digital technology, and prepare tomorrow’s citizens for the challenges ahead. Career highlights include the creation of Safer Internet Day (Luxembourg 2003), now celebrated worldwide, and the publication of a dozen books including 7 for the Council of Europe. Born in Australia, I'm a French national based in Luxembourg.

Veronica Samara

VeronicaI’ve been working on digital literacy and online safety since 2000. As Greek national coordinator in the European Commission’s Safer Internet network, my Safer Internet Centre brought together the key stakeholders from public- and policy-related fields, while Centre’s resources were rated amongst the top 5 national media literacy projects in Greece. I’ve authored 5 educational books and over 300 articles on literacy and internet safety issues, have been invited speaker at numerous international conferences and served as member of the Greek Ministry of Education Safe Internet Committee. I hold a Masters and a PhD degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Christophe Kamden

ChristopheI helped set up Insight in 2003, and have been financial manager ever since. Graduate of the Brussels Institute of Chartered Accountants and Luxembourg Chambre des Metiers in Payroll management from the, I am also an Expert in Fiscality and navigate the progress of Insight through its international multi-sector activities. My professional and personal interests are spread between Europe and Africa, and more specifically Luxembourg and the Cameroon.

Teuntje Manders

TeuntjeCollector of experiences. I hope to learn and experience as much as possible. A teacher-to-be with a passion for languages. As a translator I love to connect with people through languages. I speak Dutch, English and Spanish, and hope to add Italian and French to that list sometime soon. As a teacher-to-be, I'm learning a lot at Insight, trying to make sure children have the best youth possible. Growing up with the internet isn't always easy, but I want to help children to have the best and safest experience with it.

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Paul Bochert

Paul BochertAs a student of the Digital Society program in Maastricht, Netherlands, I spent my time discussing the social implications of digitalization. Be it for education, politics and the public sphere, or public or private sectors of the economy, the impact of digitalization is ongoing and breaks new grounds every day. My work experience is rather broad, reaching from Virtual Reality therapy and digital citizenship education initiatives to web-design and basic programming.

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Hind el Makhtoum

HindI am a Moroccan IT engineer. I speak Arabic, French and English. I am passionate about travel and reading and I like to meet new people and discover new cultures. I have had many experiences with NGOs serving children and I know that their innocence makes them vulnerable. Having a technical background, I have always been aware of the benefits of online technologies as well as their risks.

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Elizabeth Milovidov

ElizabethLawyer, associate professor, internet safety expert and founder of Digital Parenting, Consulting and Coaching.As mom to two tech savvy little boys, I know just how important it is to provide parents timely advice, resources and tips!  Orignally from California, I have been living and working in France for the past two decades. My research, writing and public speaking activities focus on understanding children's use of technology, and advocating for their wellbeing and the protection of their rights.

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Vitor Tomé

VitorI'm a professional journalist (CP2340), teacher trainer, researcher, author and lecturer at the Lisbon Universidade Autónoma.A Portuguese national with a Post-PhD in Communication and a PhD in Education, my work includes "Digital Citizenship Education for Democratic Participation in Odivelas" run jointly by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation and Algarve University, the EU-funded COST action project Digilitey (Digital Literacy and Multimodal Practices of Young Children), coordinated by the University of Sheffield, and Digital Citizenship Education for the Council of Europe.

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