Paul Bochert

Paul BochertAs a student of the Digital Society program in Maastricht, Netherlands, I spent my time discussing the social implications of digitalization. Be it for education, politics and the public sphere, or public or private sectors of the economy, the impact of digitalization is ongoing and breaks new grounds every day. My work experience is rather broad, reaching from Virtual Reality therapy and digital citizenship education initiatives to web-design and basic programming.

Living in the Netherlands, I am originally from Germany, where I aim to support digital literacy and digital citizenship education initiatives in the future. One such initiative was the Kindergipfel 2019, through which I had the opportunity to moderate in the parliament of the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Currently, I am working as a content and market research manager for the German Sparkasse, as well as being a student ambassador at Maastricht University. Teaming up with Insight is the perfect match for me, by joining educational projects all over the world and making an impact on responsible digitalization.