Insight inputs on the digital vibe shift at the ECP Jaarfestival 2022

In November 2022, Insight attended the yearly ECP Jaarfestival to help lead an IS3C (Internet standards, safety and security coalition) workshop. This year's theme was 'the vibe shift of the digital age'. At the Dutch festival, Wout de Natris and Teuntje Manders presented recent IS3C research looking at the gap between the needs of the cybersecurity industry and the skills of tertiary education graduates. The audience, people from the cybersecurity industry, confirmed the results that came from the research: there definitely is a considerable gap, also in the Netherlands, and the research has enabled us to formulate a work plan for 2023, with recommendations for all sectors involved. The workshop sparked the interest of education, business and cybersecurity sectors. 
Several other sessions proved every bit as fascinating as their intriguing titles promised: 'How will the internet be ours again?', 'Do you want to digitally die?' and 'Young people as (digi)heroes - Young Digital Leadership'. The Jaarfestival 2022 offered rich knowledge sharing opportunities, bringing together many young people with their older counterparts to work towards a shared goal: explore how to deal with the digital vibe shifts.